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linenoise_sources - Linenoise - How To Get The Sources

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Welcome to Linenoise, a binding to Antirez's linenoise minimal line editor library, as modified and extended by Steve Bennet of Workware.au

The audience of this document is anyone wishing to either have just a look at Linenoise's source code, or build the package, or to extend and modify it.

For builders and developers we additionally provide

  1. Linenoise - License.

  2. Linenoise - The Installer's Guide.

  3. Linenoise - The Developer's Guide.


Source Location

The official repository for Linenoise itself can be found at http://andreas-kupries.github.com/tcl-linenoise.

The repository of the linenoise C library required by the binding can be found at http://github.com/andreas-kupries/linenoise.

This is a fork of the repository at http://github.com/msteveb/linenoise.

It in turn is a fork of the repository at http://github.com/antirez/linenoise.

My repository is prefered for building as it may contain features, changes and bugfixes required by this binding which are not available in Steve Bennet's repository (This currently is only support for hidden input, i.e. password prompts and the like). Antirez's repository unfortunately has even less features, its use is not recommended.


Assuming that you simply wish to look at the sources, or build a specific revision, the easiest way of retrieving either binding or C library is to:

  1. Go to the respective repository site.

  2. Follow the 'Fork me on Github' link (top-right corner) to the project sources.

  3. Choose the revision under the Commits panel you wish to have and

  4. follow its 'Browse code' link to its detailed information page.

  5. On that page, choose either the "ZIP" link to get a copy of this revision as a Zip archive.

Source Code Management

For the curious (or a developer-to-be), the sources are managed by the Git SCM.

With that tool available the full history of all pieces can be retrieved via:

    # Get the C library sources
    git clone http://github.com/andreas-kupries/linenoise
    # or from the other repositories mentioned above.
    # Get the sources of the tcl binding
    git clone http://github.com/andreas-kupries/tcl-linenoise

The result is a checkout of the head of the master branches.


Andreas Kupries (Tcl Binding), Steve Bennett (extended linenoise C library), Salvatore Sanfilippo (Antirez, original linenoise C library).

Bugs, Ideas, Feedback

This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report them at the Issues tracker. Ideas for enhancements you may have for either package, application, and/or the documentation are also very welcome and should be reported at the Issues tracker as well.


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